Sustainability Matters 

Excited to launch the 100% solar powered Puka Surf Co. mobile retail

Pick-Pocket Tee

Made to order

Pick a shirt color + pick a pocket


Heritage Flowy Tee

Red Flowy Tee

To native Hawaiians, halo is supreme in importance— it is defined in the Kumulipo, or Hawaiian Creation Chant, as the plant from which Hawaiians were formed

Basic Black - Aloha Snapback

Mahalo for the Aloha

3D Embroidered Hat

Adjustable snapback (One size fits all)


Mahalo for the Aloha

Aloha! Its more than a word...its a lifestyle. It's about respecting our past, present, and future and acknowledging the shared breath of life.

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Protecting Kauai's Future 

Why Mobile Retail?

I believe it's the right vision for the future. Brick-n-mortar stores have seen a rapid decline and many of the major players are filing bankruptcy and closing up shop. The fashion industry and consumer behaviors in support of needing more for less has resulted in major ethical issues concerning humanity and the environment.

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