**CURRENT NEWS (10/01/16)**

Announcing the 3rd Annual Kauai Invasive Dive Tournament happening November 12, 2016.


Announcing the 3rd annual Kauai Invasive Spearfish Tournament.  This tournament is to gather free divers who are as passionate about the sport as they are about the culture.  Kauai is our home and we can all play a part in preserving its beauty and bounty for many generations.  Not only will you challenge yourself to prove your diving skills, but you will be taking an active part in decreasing the invasive fish population and providing specimens to research invasive trends.

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"Stoked to bring the title home to Kauai" -Krystl

"Mahalo to our sponsors we couldn't do it without you" -Kalani Vierra

We train hard and have fun. Tandem surfing is such a dynamic sport and is the perfect blend of gymnastics, yoga, crossfit, and surfing. Its an easy sport to get captivated by, which is strange that more people don't know about it. So please spread the word! Mahalo

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