Surf Stream Mobile Retail

The Surf Stream started as a vision to inspire positivity. It's journey began in 2015 with a 22 ft (1968) Airstream Safari.

Why Mobile Retail?

I believe it's the right vision for the future. Brick-n-mortar stores have seen a rapid decline and many of the major players are filing bankruptcy and closing up shop. The fashion industry and consumer behaviors in support of needing more for less has resulted in major ethical issues concerning humanity and the environment.

In 2013 1,100 workers in Bangladesh were killed due to a factory collapse and its inability to afford safety protocols. In the US consumers sadly choose to look the other way because they "need" to buy more for less. These workers are cornered into accepting dirt cheap labor contracts because they simply have no other choice. But this means inhumane conditions, poisoning the environment with improper chemical dumping, and non-sustainable practices that deplete our natural resources. People are rising and bringing awareness to making educated purchases and empowering people to use every dollar as a vote for companies that support good business ethics.

The surf stream is a voice for Kauai to stand firm in its value systems for good business ethics, community involvment, and sustainability.

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