Enter the 4th Annual Kauai Invasive Dive Tournament

4th Annual Kauai Invasive Dive Tournament
Saturday November 04, 2017  
Check-In: 6:30am (Mandatory)   Weigh In Opens: 4:00pm   Closes :4:45 pm

By October 21 - Early - $40 per diver ***guarantee shirt + meal

Oct 22 - Oct 31 - Late - $40 per diver ***no guarantee shirt + meal

Nov 01 - Walk-In - $50 per diver *** shirtless and hungry

KEIKI (12yrs & under) – Free***all keiki will receive a prize

Donations of $5 or more with registration will be matched (meaning your donation is doubled to $10)

All donations will go to a charitable or non-profit TBD

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Deadline to get logo on shirt and weigh-in banner October 25, 2017

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4TH Annual Kauai Invasive Dive Tournament Tee

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Announcing the 4th annual Kauai Invasive Spearfish Tournament.  This tournament is to gather free divers who are as passionate about the sport as they are about the culture.  Kauai is our home and we can all play a part in preserving its beauty and bounty for many generations.  Not only will you challenge yourself to prove your diving skills, but you will be taking an active part in decreasing the invasive fish population and providing specimens to research invasive trends.

Kauai Invasive Dive Tournament's goals are to:

1. Eradicate invasive species that harm Kauai's ecosystem...and have fun doing it!

2. Unite the community through education and leading by example

3. Stimulate local businesses and support Ho'ouluwehi(sustainability education) & Kauai Invasive Species Committee 

Your participation is greatly appreciated. It is a lot of work but always so rewarding to see these goals met at the end of the day


Open Invasive Category:

Most Invasive Species

Team with highest combined average points total  

(example 3 man team total points 12, average = 4 points vs.  2 man team total points 10, average= 5 points)

Roi=2 pts, To'au=1 pt, Ta'ape=1 pt

Biggest Roi

Top two biggest Roi by weight

Biggest To'au

Biggest single To'au by weight


Heaviest Roi + To'au + Ta'ape 

Lightest Roi + To'au + Ta'ape

Smallest Invasive

Top two smallest invasive by weight

Biggest Invasive w/ 3-prong

Biggest invasive fish with use of 3-prong spear by weight


KEIKI Category:

All Keiki 12 and Under who weigh in an invasive wins a prize


Wahine Category:

Most Invasive Species By Female

The female diver who weighs in the largest combined weight of invasive species

Biggest Roi By Female

Female with biggest Roi by weight



Reef Clean-Up

Trash collected on dive

Best Video of Reef Clean-Up

Best video uploaded by end of weigh-in removing rubbish of reefs


** A diver may win more than one invasive category.

**Additional wildcard categories can be added and announced day of contest**





 On the day of the tournament divers may begin fishing anytime after mandatory check-in (location TBD)

       “OPEN” Fishing

 ANYWHERE on Kauai

       UNLIMITED Invasives

◦ Unlimited submissions to Invasive categories

       ONLY Freedive with option of self propelled vessels (example: kayak, stand up board, ....no mo Motta)

 Divers must swim-out or use self propelled flotation devices absolutely NO motorized vessels

 Divers must use 3-prong or spearguns in their fishing. 

 Divers must NOT use scuba or other artificial breathing equipment 

       You must dive with a dive partner(s)

 Scoring is individual. All fish weighed in must be speared by the diver on tournament day. 

       Fish must be restaurant quality

 All fish (including invasives) must be in edible condition mutilated, rotten, dehydrated, frozen, rancid, or non-fresh fish (as determined by tournament organizer ) will be disqualified. USE ICE. Any disqualification decision made by the tournament organizer is non-disputable.

       All fish will be judged by weight

 Divers must weigh in by 4:45pm

 If any tie in scoring exists, the diver with the earlier registration for the event will place ahead of the later registering diver.

       Bringing any illegal game to weigh-in results in automatic disqualification

 Divers must follow all current Hawaii State Fishing regulations and laws


  All divers must complete either the online tournament registration or drop off completed tournament registration form to Krystl Apeles, Dan Erickson, or Kappa Beach Shop by November 03, 2017

            WEIGH IN & AWARDS

  The tournament weigh-in will begin at 4:00 pm. Divers must weigh in their catch or be in-line to weigh-in their catch by 4:45 pm or be disqualified. Following will be the awards ceremony, prize raffles (must be present to win), and BBQ.  Water will be provided but bring your own flask or cup.  This is a eco-friendly event to spread awareness of environmental impact. Beverages will not be provided BYOB. Location TBD.