DESIGNER IN PARADISE.                  

Company motto: “Rich is the life you live” 

My mission is to be mindful about the garment making cycle to leave a softer footprint on our dear mother earth.                

Although bikinis are made of man-made fibers I choose to reduce waste by simply making a commitment to make a better product. Quality, fit, and care are my three main focuses to extend the life and wear of bikinis. I use better fabrics and linings, extensive water testing and technical pattern making before finalization to produce.  

Puka Surf Company is a lifestyle brand promoting water sports, travel, and love for life.  Krystl Apeles has a BA in Design & Merchandise. Also as a professional tandem surfer she   travels  worldwide gaining knowledge, experience, and inspiration for her collections. The ocean is her biggest inspiration and she hopes to share her passion for surf and travel through each design. Beachwear made for YOU to pack up and start a new adventure.