Puka Surf Co. Intro

PUKA - opportunity or hole

Like the ying and yang the word Puka is translated as hole; it can also be the opportunity to make something whole. Seek opportunities that bring positive light in life.

"Rich is the life you Live" TM

Puka Surf Co. is a lifestyle brand celebrating the culture of Hawaii and its respect for its resources. It enriches the lives of its consumer with quality made goods and build bridges with other small businesses worldwide who share parallel objectives.


Aloha! My name is Krystl Apeles.

“Rich is the life you live” TM 

My mission is to be mindful about the garment making cycle to leave a softer footprint on our dear mother earth and bring change to business and consumer ethics. 

Puka Surf Company is a lifestyle brand promoting water sports, travel, and love for life.  I grew up on the Garden Island, Kauai and obtained my BA in Design & Merchandise from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2009.

After college I moved to Costa Rica where I worked for $5/hr pattern making (high pay for this country).  Life was rustic and simple. A very humbling experience where I barely had enough for rice, beans, and bananas. I felt enlightened and appreciative of life as a whole...which is where I found my mantra "rich is the life you live". 

After several years of a nomad lifestyle chasing surf to snow, I moved back to Hawaii, but this time the "big city" Waikiki. There I began designing custom bikinis out of a condo in Waikiki.  It bothered me how in Hawaii bikinis had such a short life due to poor fit and fast fashion. Man made fibers don't break down so I chose to reduce waste by making a commitment to make a better product. Quality, fit, and design were my three main focuses to extend the life and wear of bikinis. I used remnants from quality swimwear production companies and made sure to use the softest performance linings. My design process also included extensive water testing and technical pattern making before finalization. I threw bikini parties and got invited to do custom fittings in celebrity mansions.  Business didn't blow up but stayed steady and life was good.

I finally made it back home to Kauai in the end of 2012.  There really is no place like home and since moving home I feel empowered for growth. 

So aloha my name is Krystl, I am a professional x2 World Champion tandem surfer and I've traveled worldwide gaining knowledge, experience, and inspiration for Puka Surf Co. The ocean is my biggest inspiration and I want to share the beauty of surf and travel through Puka Surf Co.

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